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10:38 RDuX| someone should get bash away from these science people before they hurt them selves
10:38 Yiu| now what? :P
10:39 RDuX| well just a simple case of someone writing an output to a file instead of a variable and
then checking the file path for the desired variable state :D
10:42 RDuX| she got an error on if [ filename == 0 ] wasn't an integer even though the value she wrote
to the file was an integer :D wonder why that happens
10:44 Yiu| :D
10:44 RDuX| after telling her she should use a variable for that and doing the minimal fix to make it
work. I was met with the deep question of "how did you make the dollar sign appear on the
10:44 RDuX| This is when I left